People often ask me “Why they are not allowed to comment on these blog posts?”

My usual answer is “There is no Like button either”.

Here is a story that may answer the question in more detail.

It is an old story so this is how it starts.

Once upon a time…..

There was a great painter. He was trying to put together a masterpiece and at one point he thought he has painted the perfect painting he wanted. He was so confident that he left it in the city centre and also left a board for people to write if this can be improved in anyway.

The old story continues……

To his surprise by the evening there were plenty of suggestions. He was discouraged. He brought painting home and kept looking at suggestions and the painting. He was confused. If he would have to implement all the suggestions then the outcome was not only complete different but also less than ideal, to say the least.

He thought long and hard and found another way of reaching the same endpoint.

The old story continues……

The next day he left the painting with the paints, brushes and canvas in the city centre. This time the note was saying that any one who thinks can do it better should give it a try.

The story continues…

To his surprise this time there were no takers for days after days……after days.

Dear Son, always seek advice before you even start. Mainly from people who has walked the walk. Remember, two people in the same room, facing each other, will describe the same room differently.

You will be told you suppose to make discounts for others. You suppose to make sacrifices. They make you feel good. They get you the title. At least in short term. Remember Shah Bhai ? In the longterm unthoughtful sacrifices lead to lot of unhappiness for all involved.

Look after your painting. No Thank you. No Sorry. No Explanation.

Just Acceptance. Just Appreciation. For Both. Self and others.

And then The Decision. Yours and yours ONLY.

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