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Design your life

Try not to spend too much time on helping people to change. Life is too short. It is much better instead to choose the people you want in life and let others go.

Stay away from those who are negative all the time. They drag you down (mentally).

Stay away from those who are quick at making excuses. Those who has perfected the art of making an excuse usually has no need to learn anything else and stays in one place.

Stay away from those who are able to see faults in everyone else except themselves.

Last but not the least, stay away from those fine fellowmen and women who always point out something to embarrass you the moment they meet you.

(Note: I did not say try to win from any kind of people. No. Save your time and energy. A great scholar (Saadi RA) once said that there is no fun in winning a barking competition as a human. Let others do their dance and you keep designing your own life like an artist who is too busy in carving a sculpture).

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