Mujhe Ab Dar Nahi Lagta

Mujhe Ab Dar Nahi Lagta

Kisi Ke Door Jane Se

Taaluq Toot Jane Se

Kisi Ke Maan Jane Se

Kisi Ke Rooth Jane Se

Mujhe Ab Dar Nahi Lagta

Kisi Ko Azmane Se

Kisi Ke Azmane Se

Kisi Ko Yaad Rakhne Se

Kisi Ko Bhol Jane Se

Mujhe Ab Dar Nahi Lagta

Kisi Ko Chor Dene Se

Kisi Ke Chor Jane Se

Na Shama Ko Jalane Se

Na Shama Ko Bujhane Se

Mujhe Ab Dar Nahi Lagta

Akele Muskrane Se

Kabhi Ansoo Bhane Se

Na Is Sare Zmane Se

Haqeeqat Se Fasane Se

Mujhe Ab Dar Nahi Lagta

Kisi Ki NaRasai Se

Kisi Ki Parsai Se

Kisi Ki Bewafai Se

Kisi Dukh Intehai Se

Mujhe Ab Dar Nahi Lagta

Na To Is Paar Rehne Se

Na To Us Paar Rehne Se

Na Apni Zindgani Se

Na Ik Din Maut Aane Se

Mujhe Ab Dar Nahi Lagta……

Mujhe Ab Dar Nahi Lagta

(Poet: Mohsin Naqvi)

A mental state, worth striving for.

Dear Son, let me introduce you to part of universe within you. You will always have at least three voices in you. First voice is the one that want you to move forward. Do things. Explore. Achieve. Strongest when you are a child and know “No fear”. The voice of Positivity. The second is voice of Fear. Mostly it is a learned behaviour so can be undone as well. This voice of Fear slowly becomes the strongest. Some call it the voice of Reason. One man’s reason can be an Excuse for someone else. For you I am going to suggest to label this as voice of Caution. Listen to it but do not let it paralyze you. Move forward against the wishes of the strong voice within you. By practice you can change the tone of these voices. The third voice is something that you will discover in moments of despair. The Divine voice that guides you. You will slowly discover it. Try Meditation. People who do not engage in listening to the third voice and just change the tone of first two voices, usually become slaves of their Ego.

Let me summarize some of this for you through couple of examples.

A hotel receptionist mentioned that his dream ride is a particular sports car. I offered the drive. He suddenly realised that he has not got the proper license to drive in that country.

Dissect the above mentally and you will know who said “No” to what. Third voice did a perfect job, I think.

At another level, I played a game with reasonable and sensible friends and colleagues. I use to tell them that I can grant them three wishes if they can show me the wishes in writing. As expected, most reasonable people only wish something which is already under their reach, just at arm’s length at the most, hence always easy to give them their dreams. I stopped playing this game when a female colleague started crying after the realization that her dream could have been easily fulfilled on any day over the last ten years. I realized that Guilt is not an emotion that I can handle for myself or others and I need to learn. Still learning.

I hope you will grow to be a reasonably unreasonable person. Able to dream big and beautiful. Comfortable in making uncomfortable decisions. Making decisions accepting uncertainty.

I did mention Abu Jahal in a previous post. The mentality. You will find that he has a large following of sleep walking alive people.  People who want to live life the same way as their parents did.

Abu Jahal of our times. Dead Men Walking.

I hope someday you will do better than Abu Jahal.

When you are ready, you will find me waiting. The day when you are going to come and tell me that you need my blessings to walk away. That day I am going to ask you only one thing. I am going to ask you “Do you remember the last piece of advice?”.

Here is that last piece of advice.

Life is like walking or driving through thick layer of fog. When there is too much fog, then visibility is reduced. I have driven in those beautiful and mystical foggy nights. You move cautiously but keep on moving. Slow but forward. And forward. The more you go forward, the more you are able to see the unseen.  

Expect surprises. Especially around the bends.

Enjoy. (Both, sorrows and smiles).


Then I will take you to the door and say.


                             (my son)


This post is dedicated to all The Parents.

Especially to my Father. He never stopped me from doing anything. Even when I was leaving home 2 or 3 am in morning. He simply closed the door as I left on my bike. He never asked a question. I asked him once “Why”? He simply answered. “I taught you what I wanted to, at an earlier stage of your life. Now it’s your life. Do what you wish”.

Let us teach our children how to make decisions rather than making for them and give them our Trust and Friendship.

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