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Get over it

Dear Son, you will have lots of people in your life at any one point in time. Most of the time they can be classified into two simple groups. 

One you love or they care about you and rest are general relations without much emotional attachments. 

All of them in their innocence will be happy to tell you that life can be best lived by copying others and what ever else you are thinking is wrong. The people who love you or they care about you have got one extra duty of making you feel guilty about one thing or the other on top of telling you and bending you to the same rules as everyone else. 

It is your duty to yourself to reflect and grow and accept yourself to be different and proud of this fact where necessary and also to reach beyond the emotion of guilt. 

l hear you asking “How”?

I am going to let you enjoy the journey of discovery and the change in the process but here is a helpful tip. “Abu Jahal is not only  a name of a person but it is also a characteristic which unfortunately is much more prevalent than one might think”. 

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