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Know the RULES

Dear Son, Life has its own rules. People often get confused by confounding bias. Try to look a layer or two deeper. Life has no regards for the rules created by us or our emotions. On the other hand the rules of Allah/God/Nature are fixed. So fixed that only when an exception occur, we realise that someone else is running the show.

For e.g. take a pen in your hand and stand up. Now let the pen go. It is going go down and hit the ground. Try the same with a spoon. Then try with a glass. When it hit the ground, it is likely to shatter, but rule is going to be the same. Even when a parent is holding a child  and accidentally lose control, same happens again. Law does not change because it was a parent who did the mistake or it was a baby of a human.

It is nice to have emotions and religious sensitivities and enjoy them but do also try to remember that rules are the same for you.

Winning has it’s own cost and losing comes with it’s own price tag.

(Note:Read stories of Mulla Naseeruddin (Mullah Nasruddin) at any age of your life to know more).

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