I was struggling to prepare for final MBBS exam when Faisal decided to go for even bigger test. He left his body on a bed at a prestigious Hospital in Karachi.

The man with the most beautiful smile, I have ever seen, was gone.

He was suffering with SLE. A complex medical problem where defense system of a body starts attacking your own body (“enemy within” ). Few days off, here and there, when he is ill,then back to college. “Kaisay ho yaar?”. Always first to ask, “How are you?”. Always with a smile. He knew that his journey is  short. He made a conscious choice of walking the walk of life with grace.

Years later, I was with Dr. N Sahota. We went to see a patient who was recently diagnosed with cancer that has already spread. The man wanted to continue with his routine and that included him going to work.

I questioned Dr. Sahota on the way back. In my experience this patient should  be shocked, crying etc. He told me that this is your reality based on movies or past experiences. In real life it is best to listen to the person in front of you and accept their reality.

A hard lesson.  Even today, after so many years, I am guilty of missing the point quite often.

I told a mother with young son that I have concerns and it is best to refer him to a special clinic to rule out cancer. She smiled and looked at her son and told me to do what I have to do, he will be fine. She was the most courageous women I have ever met. I would not be surprised if her children are tomorrow running a country or playing a leadership role in deciding the fate of this tiny little world.

Dear Son. Your reality is yours only. Know your reality. Change it if you decide to. Note: Keep your life beautiful and let success,if that means anything, walk to you.

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